Chaplain Paul Ireland works at school on Thursdays.and Fridays.

He is a part of the well-being team, under the direction of the Principal.  Their role is to help care for and support students within the school environment and families, as needed.

Paul can be contacted via email any time

or through school 03 5095 2001

Chaplains offer

  • A listening ear and caring presence
  • Support as required for individual students

This may include practical support, general assistance, an investment of time (eg reading or doing an activity with a child) or ongoing time with a child working toward specific goals.

  • Support for families, including practical help
  • A link between school, community and outside services
  • Small group programmes (eg Strength, Shine, Seasons for Growth, Values)
  • Lunch and recess time activities
  • Classroom support

Students’ access of the Chaplaincy programme is voluntary.  All students who take part in small groups or individual sessions with the Chaplain receives a consent form that is required to be completed by parents / caregivers before commencing.

A school Chaplain is inclusive and respects the views and cultural / religious traditions of all in the school community.  Your Chaplain understands the boundaries of his role and training and knows when and how to refer on.  Your Chaplain does not try to persuade any person to adopt specific beliefs and practices.  Chaplains hold “Working with Children” cards, maintain current police checks and are mandated notifiers.